Bookkeeping Roadmap

Our Roadmap was created to help you better understand the process of getting your books caught up and on a regular maintenance schedule with BalanceWise Bookkeeping.

Below are the five phases of our delivery process. To initiate the Discovery Phase, we require the completion of our New Client Questionnaire.

Phase 1: Discovery (Like taking an x-ray) 

Cost is usually $300-$900 (applied to ongoing engagement)

In the Discovery Phase, we perform an in-depth diagnostic analysis of your accounting files and related processes. We review your files for accuracy, with the goal of understanding existing business processes, such as how income is recorded, bills get paid, state & city tax filings, expense categorization, payroll, etc. 

This is an opportunity for us to get to know you, your business, and your books as they currently stand, and provides us with the information we need to suggest the right combination of software and solutions to meet your requirements.

Some of the work accomplished during this Phase: 

  1. Review current status of books and other documentation
  2. Identify & document existing issues
  3. Correspond with teammates to get a clear impression of workflows and key responsibilities
  4. Formulate plan for the Catch-up/Clean-up Phase of the project, if applicable

Here is an outline of our Discovery Checklist used during Phase 1.

During Discovery we also look for ways to improve and streamline financial processes and implement best practices in bookkeeping, should we engage in working together long term.

After Discovery is complete, we report our findings to you, along with an estimate for the next phases.

Phase 2: Mutual Agreement

Once we have completed our Discovery, we formulate a plan, finalize a budget, and determine the next steps to get you back on track.

We present a detailed proposal, in writing, outlining our plan, process improvements needed for our system to serve you long term, and the steps required to help you reach your goals.

Common process improvements include migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, implementing an electronic bill payment application such as, or expense management software like Expensify. Other process improvements might include reducing manual or double entry with import and automation tools such as Hubdoc.

Once we have mutually agreed on the next steps, we enter into a formal Engagement and proceed to the Onboarding/Setup Phase to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to our services.

Phase 3: Onboarding/Setup

Depending on the condition of your books, this could cost a couple hundred dollars, to several thousand.

Here’s where things start to get exciting. We flip the switch and get you setup with new software, applications and systems that best fit your needs. We spend time making sure you have a good grasp on any new tools you will be using.

Activities during the Onboarding/Setup Phase include:

  1. Tasks that need to be completed before transitioning to new system
  2. Set up new software, applications and systems
  3. Full software training  

Phase 4: Catch-up/Clean-up

Again depending on the condition of your books, Catch-up/Clean-up could cost a couple hundred dollars, up to several thousand.

This can be the most time-consuming part of the process, but also the most gratifying and rewarding. We review every transaction and make sure all reconciliations are complete through the end of the last verified month.

Entering of historic transactions, performing reconciliations, correcting balance sheet issues, editing or realigning the chart of accounts for better reporting, etc. are all considered Catch-up/Clean-up. It may be a couple weeks, months, or even years that need to be updated. We have seen it all. 

Phase 5: Ongoing Bookkeeping

This is where we commence ongoing monthly bookkeeping services established in the Mutual Agreement Phase. You are now setup with a new maintenance free bookkeeping system uniquely designed to help you manage your business more effectively AND efficiently.

Value Guarantee: Our work is guaranteed to the complete delight of the client. If you are not completely satisfied with the service performed by BalanceWise Bookkeeping, we will, at the option of Client, either refund the price or accept a portion of said price that reflects Client’s level of value received. Upon payment of each scheduled payment, we will judge you have been satisfied.

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