Savana McGregor

BalanceWise was a huge time saver for me! Very professional and thorough! I recommend giving Anita a call to hear how she can take care of your business bookkeeping.”

Kathleen Turner

Anita is knowledgeable and a delight to work with! Her experience in Corporate Finance gives her a unique perspective on combining direction and organization, understanding the direct connection between the two. Anita’s attention to detail, while keeping an eye on the big picture positions her to balance bookkeeping with profitability. I highly recommend Anita and … Read more

Michelle Cox

Anita knows her stuff and keeps her bookkeeping simplified so even those not familiar with financials can follow along. She takes all the guess work out of bookkeeping and will even go through your old financials to get you all caught up and up to date.”

Frank Cordero

I was impressed with Anita’s business acumen not only with bookkeeping but also in the areas of managing a business. Her desire to live her business and personal life on her own terms is one worth emulating and hope to reach that equilibrium in my own. Such a pleasure to meet Anita and learn about … Read more

Frank Cordero

Anita gives a thorough evaluation of all aspects of your finances. She tries to help you to find ways to cut your costs too.”